Channeling is a Powerful Tool

Channeling is indeed a tool--the masters and guides come through in loving service to assist--not to do the work for you. You always---always---have choice. This is a planet of free will. Take what is yours and leave the rest behind. Channeling is a way to see "yourself" without the "illusions" that keep you from freedom, joy, growth and, not the least, love!

You can use your fist to pound a nail into a wall--or you can pick up a hammer and get there with a lot less time and pain.

Channeling is such a tool!

The Trance Channel

Rod Russell is "Allow Love's" Trance Channel. Rod goes into trance i.e. he becomes a young boy somewhere between 6 and 9 years of age--he goes and plays while Spirit comes through to answer your questions; providing guidance. When coming out of trance Rod has no memory of who came in or what was said. Rod is indeed a total trance channel.

Rod's Gatekeeper divinely calls through the most appropriate being to answer your questions and give you advice. This could be a guide, a Master, an Archangel, a Creator God, Watcher, Higher Self or, under special circumstances, a loved one who has crossed over. More than 75 different "Guests." have come through Rod. See Guests for a partial list of those who have come through to serve.

Rod is a powerful service provider, in person or from afar--bridging this world to the world of Spirit.

Specialty Channelings


We are told by Spirit that the Trance Channeling is limited by the language, vocabulary and somewhat by the consciousness of the host channel. There is less opportunity for distortion in trance channeling than in conscious channeling but, as in all cases, take what is yours and leave what is not. Never give up your personal discernment to anyone--this side of the veil or the other side!


I make every attempt to record your session and send you a link to the recording--sometimes in this work electronics just don't cooperate.

What You can Expect from a trance channeling

Trance Channeling is when the host is willing to "step out" and allow a spiritual entity of Light to occupy his/her body and speak through it. Thus allowing the guest entity to answer questions, give information and perhaps even to ask questions of those present. Speaking directly to Spirit is the unique adventure of meeting yourself "face-to-face" without the veils and blocks of self-judgement and illusional fears. In other words--seeing yourself reflected in your own divine light. Sitting in the presence of this energy is a gift in itself--not to be overlooked. But, the bottom line here is service to help and support each of you to walk in your own power and compassion. And, to know--in fact, more than that, to feel that we are never alone and are always loved.

Channelings are up to 1 hour, depending on the number and complexity of your questions.

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Private in-person

You can arrange a private in-person channeling by emailing or phoning us to schedule an appointment.

Long Distance

I can do a channeling for you from a distance--me here and you there. You make an appointment to call me and we proceed just as if you were right here with me.

****Price List****


Two People---------------------$260

Three People------------------$300

ea. add. Person----------------$40

Groups Ten up indiv. priced

Specialty Channelings

Soul Retrieval----------------$250

Higher Self--------------------$250

The Merge----------------------$200

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