Begin all forms of meditation with a few moments of sitting in gratitude—thinking about all the things that bring you joy and love. Not only does this amplify whatever you are doing, but if done daily, it becomes your reality.


Transforming of energy and creation Service is most potent when performed in group formation. Far greater energy can be sent through groups than through individuals. All these meditations are performed without anyone leading.

Transmission Meditation

Transmission meditation is the simplest, most potent way to serve humanity and help transform our world. Transmission is a specialized form of group meditation in which the members offer themselves (their energy centers--chakras) as instruments for stepping down (transforming) the spiritual energies emanating from the Spiritual Hierarchy of Masters (the "elder brothers" of the human race who oversee and guide our evolution) In so doing, they provide the planet with a "pool" of energy that is more accessible and useful to humanity and the other kingdoms in Nature--the very energy which will transform our world. It will not conflict with any other form of meditation you may be practicing in fact it will enhance your meditation and potentize other service activities in which you may be engaged.

Group Meditations

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Channelers Meditation

Pele's White Spider Meditation

Maitreya's Hand


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